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Greeley, Colorado 80634

We are a family of beekeepers and adventurers who make and distribute products from the daily lives of bees.


We love telling stories and are honored that you would want to be a part of them. This is a summary of our journeys, our adventures and how our lives and the lives of our bees intersect.


Two Feet On The Path

Kenneth-James Tencza

It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to
— Bilbo Baggins "The Hobbit"

We started beekeeping because we understood the plight of the bee and we wanted to do our part.  A new friend emerged who showed us the beekeeping basics.  Once we started, we knew that it wasn’t just a hobby but a calling.  We wanted to grow our hives and we wanted to support ourselves while doing it.  We put our honey up for sale and it sold like wildfire. Then, we had lots of wax leftover.  “Why not sell a lip balm?” we thought.  So we did.   With a lot of   love, quality ingredients and inexperience we created our initial logo and hoped for the best.

This was our first batch of lip-balm! We made 20 of them wondering if anyone would be interested in them. Boy were we surprised at the response! =)

This was our first batch of lip-balm! We made 20 of them wondering if anyone would be interested in them. Boy were we surprised at the response! =)

We were surprised at the big response and demand for our lip balm.  “Why not sell more products?” we thought. So we created and sold lotions bars and sticks.  Again, these were met with a solid response.  We used the profits to purchase 6 additional beehives to our beginning 3.  We continued to dream and added candles and soaps.  Although we say that we began to sell products, this was no small task.  Each success represents a rigorous process and a product that we are proud of and would want to buy at the store.  We have learned that we have something valuable to give to the world and meaningful to put our hearts into.

We decided to rework our logo and lablels to represent who we are, the great care we put in our products and the rugged Colorado landscape that inspires them. We are slowly growing our presence in Colorado.  Our products can be found in 6 locally-owned stores.  Ace Hardware in Greeley, John Galt Coffee Shop,  Bikram Yoga Greeley and Warm Hugs Gift Shop.  In Fort Collins, we are at Copoco’s Honey and HeArt in Colorado Springs. 

We work on our business everyday.  We are constantly monitoring our hives, learning in an apprenticeship to be excellent beekeepers, making existing products, researching new offerings and believing in our dream.  It turns out; when you believe in something that is good others want to support you.  Especially when that something is a quality product line as an overflow of your passion.  We love what we do.  Thank you for making our dreams a reality!

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