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We are a family of beekeepers and adventurers who make and distribute products from the daily lives of bees.

Candles & Melts

Beeswax is different. Burning beeswax is healthy, purifying and a preventative action for allergies. Unlike the common candle, beeswax doesn't pollute the air; it has negative ions which actually purify the air. Beeswax is the only common burnable substance that burns at the same spectrum as sunlight. Furthermore, because beeswax is made from all the good, local stuff bees collect, burning beeswax year-round can improve your immunity to local allergies. On top of all that, beeswax burns slower and lasts up to three times longer than your average candle. Yep, beeswax is a winner.

Signature Massage Candle


Signature Massage Candle


We all love the feeling of warm wax of a melting candle, but what if that wax was made from amazing moisturizing oils, butters and waxes?

Our Illuman Signature Massage Candle gives you an amazing spa experience by combining a high quality beeswax candle with cocoa butter, shea butter, avocado oil and mango butter.

Simply apply the wax as a warm lotion, and you will be shocked at how amazing your skin will feel. This candle’s fragrance contains lavender and citrus essential oils.

Also, see our massage candle gift baskets.

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